How to apply for a job with Siskon Siivous

We are cleaning industry professional and proud of our own field of work. Cleaners’ job is important and something to be proud of!

We would be happy to have you in Siskon Siivous

We are constantly looking for new employees working for different locations. We offer you fun and supportive work community and supervisors who are here for you.

What we expect from you:

  • Great attitude
  • Willing to work in the cleaning industry
  • Ability to learn new skills
  • The right to work in the cleaning sector in Finland is mandatory if you come from outside of EU / ETA

Apply for a job with our form

Apply for job with us with the form on our recruitment website.

  1. Get to know our open jobs here
  2. Apply to the job with the form – click the “lähetä hakemus” button. 
  3. You get a confirmation to your email when we receive your application.
  4. We will contact you.

You can also connect with us to get an email about our new open positions.

Next we have some tips on how to make a good job application and show your expertise and personality. 

How to make a good application

In a good job application you tell about yourself, your skills and your expectations about working in Siskon Siivous. We wish to find the best match for you and for our work team.

For most of the jobs you don't need to have experience in cleaning. Tell bravely and openly about your own experience and interest in professional cleaning. You can also have other experience in different working fields that you can use in cleaning work – we would love to hear about those! 

Your application can reflect your personality – you can be yourself at Siskon Siivous!

Get to know Siskon Siivous


When you apply for a job in Siskon Siivous it is good to get to know how we operate. You can get to know us from our blog and on social media Facebook, Instagram and LinkeIn.

Our cleaners work in different teams regarding the service and the cleaning site in hotels, shops, restaurants, health care facilities, apartment buidings, offices and special cleaning. You can get to know our different services from the customer’s point of view at our website.

How to prepare for the interview


Come to the interview at the agreed time and always let your interviewer know if you are running late from the arranged meeting. Bring with you your employment certificate/letter of reference/testimonial and diplomas from relevant training or courses. Prepare to show us your identification.

Citizens outside of EU/ETA need passport and a right to work in cleaning sector in Finland. Bring them with you to the interview.

Be yourself! It is okay to be nervous, we meet many candidates here and everyone is nervous more or less. We value individuality so be like you are! Just remember that in the interview you also give us an impression of yourself as what kind of worker you will be.

Get to know Siskon Siivous before the interview and think about why you wish to work with us. Think also how you are going to tell us about your experiences and know-how as to how it reflect on the job you are looking for.

Prepare to introduce yourself and tell about yourself to the interviewer. What words would you use to describe yourself? What would your friend or coworkers tell about you as an employee? What motivates you in your work?  We want to get the best employees to work with us so we hope that every interview will lead to succesful work relationship!

Apply for a job!

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