How to apply for a job with Siskon Siivous

We want to find the best employees and nicest coworkers to join our cleaning team. With a good application you show us what you can do and make a good impression as a worker!

Apply for a job with our form

Apply for job with us with the form on our recruitment website.

1. Get to know our open jobs here.
2. Check that you have required experience and skills for the job and you can work in that area and given times. The job introduction is also in English if it doesn’t require communication in Finnish.
3. Apply to the job with the form – click the “lähetä hakemus” button.
4. Fill out the form and send it
5. You get a confirmation to your email when we receive your application
6. We will contact you based on your application

 It is very important that you look through our job ads and apply for the one that you want the most and have required qualifications and experience! 

If you can’t find a job for your talents or needs, you can send us an open application to It takes us longer to process open application so we recommend that you apply straight to a specific job.

You can also connect with us to get an email about our new open positions.

We only handle applications that are made with the form for the job.

Next we have some tips on how to make a good job application and stand out among the dozens of candidates we get every month!  

How to make a good application

In a good job application you tell about yourself so that we get a clear picture of your abilities and how you fit in to our work team.

Good application is clear and tells us why you are applying to this job. It is also done for the specific job that you applying for.

If you don’t have experience in cleaning industry tell more about yourself and what you think about working in cleaning.

If you already have experience in professional cleaning tell us more about where and what type of environment you have been working and what were your work tasks.

Your application can reflect your personality – you can be yourself at Siskon Siivous!

How to stand out from other applicants

Dozens of candidates are applying for the jos in Siskon Siivous. The best way to stand out in the sea of applications is with a good attitude, proper manners and delivery that also reflect your own personality. We have time to interview not even close to all candidates so you should use the opportunity to tell about yourself and workexperience on the form.

Tell bravely and openly about your own experience and interest in professional cleaning. You can also have other experience in different working fields that you can use in cleaning work – we would love to hear about those!

We are cleaning industry professional and pround of our own field of work. Cleaners’ job is important and something to be proud of!

Get to know Siskon Siivous


When you apply for a job in a company it is good to get to know how they operate. You can get to know Siskon Siivous from our blog and on social media Facebook, Instagram and LinkeIn.

Our cleaners work in different teams regarding the service and the cleaning site in hotels, shops, restaurants, health care facilities, apartment buidings, offices and special cleaning. You can get to know our different services from the customer’s point of view at our website.

How to make a good CV


CV aka curriculum vitae aka personal record sheet sums up in 1-3 pages your experience and abilities to a document that is easy to read and shows immediately your talent for the job. With CV the company sees if you have the experience needed for the job.

In our application form it is voluntary to leave your CV but it is a great way to stand out amongs the other applicants if the CV is done right.

There are any guides to making CV on the internet here is good written instruction and here is a video of how to make a good CV.

Do your CV to reflect the work and the job ad you are applying for.

We are more interested in your work experience than your education so tell us first about your talents in working and responsibilities in he workplace.

If you make an effort in your application, we believe you will make an effort in your work tasks!

Have you submitted to many job applications without getting contacted from the company?

Check your application!

  • Have you applied for the job that you have required experience and/or abilitities?
  • If you don't have required properties, have you stated clearly enought why you don’t need to meet requirements or is this right position for you?
  • Is your application the same for every position? Different tasks need different skills so make your application for the job you are looking for.
  • Is your contact information correct on the application? Hiring team need to be able to contact you.
  • Is your language skill up to the level required? In some Siskon Siivous jobs you will need to have communication skills in Finnish. If you apply in English, please let us know how good your Finnish is. You can even write an example on your application!

How to prepare for the interview


Come to the interview at the agreed time and always let your interviewer know if you are running late from the arranged meeting. Bring with you your employment certificate/letter of reference/testimonial and diplomas from relevant training or courses. Prepare to show us your identification.

Citizens outside of EU/ETA need passport and a residence permit. Bring it with you to the interview. If you don’t have it with you, please bring a photo or a scan of the papers.

Be yourself! It is okay to be nervous, we meet many candidates here and everyone is nervous more or less. We value individuality so be like you are! Just remember that in the interview you also give us an impression of yourself as what kind of worker you will be.

Get to know Siskon Siivous before the interview and think about why you wish to work with us. Think also how you are going to tell us about your experiences and know-how as to how it reflect on the job you are looking for.

Prepare to introduce yourself and tell about yourself to the interviewer. What words would you use to describe yourself? What would your friend or coworkers tell about you as an employee? What motivates you in your work?  We want to get the best employees to work with us so we hope that every interview will lead to succesful work relationship!

Apply for a job!

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